KASEA Membership

The Kansas Association of Special Education Administrator's membership is made up of administrators involved in special education throughout the state.  Becoming a member is an excellent way to network with other administrators interested in special education to help us all learn how to positively impact and advance special education in our state.

Join us by filling out the application form linked below.  Our memberships are routed through USA Kansas. You do not have to join USA Kansas to be a member. Along with your personal information, you can just mark KASEA on the form and send in $35 if you wish.

 Membership in KASEA is eligible to the following groups of special education professionals: 

  • Public School Personnel – The chief special education administrator of any public school district or those who are assigned direct responsibilities for the administration of a special education program. 

  • State Department of Education – Early Childhood, Special Education and Title services – The administrator, program specialists, and consultants in the State Division of Special Education. 

  • State, Community, and Private Institutions Serving Exceptional Children and Youth – The chief administrator of the education program or a designated representative. 

  • University/College Trainers – Those having a direct responsibility for the training of special education administrators and other persons preparing to serve exceptional children and youth. 

  • Students - Those having a direct relationship in training or education that relates to special education administration. 

  • Retired Administrators - Those who had the responsibility of special education administration. 

Please also consider joining these national organizations supporting special education and exceptional children.